Every quality canvas is manually stretched and mounted to a 1.5inch wood base.  Each print comes with a white giclee border surrounding it's image.  Finally, each print is sealed in a water based varnish gloss.  Mounting and wiring included.

What is a Giclee Print?


Every Lynde Washington giclee print (pronounced ge-KLAY) is a fine art print made with a high-end inkjet printer. In the Lynde Washington giclee printing process the artwork is captured, proofed and printed digitally. These prints are reproduced using incredibly precise printers and archival inks. giclee prints are quickly being recognized by the world’s leading galleries and museums as the finest reproductions available to date.


The word giclee was coined by Jack Duganne in the early years of the digital printmaking business. giclee was derived from the French word “gicler” which means to spray or squirt a liquid. The term was developed so that artists, galleries, and dealers would not have to market their prints under the generic label of “inkjet” prints. The term giclee is meant to be applied only to archival digital prints made with fine art paper or canvas.



Quality Canvas


19 mil, 450gsm poly-cotton fine art canvas. Archival Certified, OBA-free. With eye-popping color gamut and dmax coupled with critical archival certification, it sets a new standard of exceptionalism in fine art and photographic printmaking. The award-winning Lyve™ Canvas is a 19 mil bright white, consistent poly-cotton blend matte canvas using an acid-free, neutral pH coating. Unlike 99% of available fine art canvas products on the market today (for giclee printing), this is an optical brightener additive-free (i.e No OBA’s are used in this product) and fluorescent whitening agent-free canvas.


Hand Embellishing the Print


Once the Lynde Washington printing process is complete, Lynde hand embellishes each print in oil paints.  By doing so, the owner gets a one of a kind embellished print.  No two are alike, which makes each print unique and more valuable to fine art collectors.  Every print is then numbered and signed in paint.



Certificate of Authenticity


Each certificate includes the following: the name of the artist, a description of the original medium, the process and the material used in producing the multiple and number of multiples including proofs available in the edition.



Does My Print Require Framing?


No, framing is optional... each print is carefully stretched and mounted, ready to hang.


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